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Producer, Internet Journalist
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Randall C. Bennett is a former associate producer for CNET TV and one of the original hosts of The 404. He is a former Netscape Anchor, former Engadget Podcast Producer, and former lead blogger for DV Guru. Currently, Bennett is creating an online show called TechVi, which can be found at

Bennett attended Weber State University, studying Communication, with an emphasis in broadcast, and a minor in Technical Sales. Prior to Weber State, he graduated from Dixie State College as the youngest in the 2002 class, with an Associates degree in General Education. He has worked with two radio stations, several television stations, and as a sports production freelancer.[1]

Guest AppearancesEdit

  • Episode 107 - 5/27/08 - Where Wilson couldn't make it
  • Episode 108 - 5/28/08 - Where Caroline McCarthy loves to Tumble
  • Episode 115 - 6/6/08 - Where it ain't no lie, baby BYE BYE BYE
  • Episode 158 - 8/7/08 - Where Randall Bennett is obsessed with the 404
  • Episode 221 - 11/5/08 - Where Randall Bennett makes his holographic debut
  • Episode 382 - 7/15/09 - Where Randall Bennett didn't start the fire
  • Episode 404 - 8/14/09 - Where we've made it 403 more episodes than anyone thought we would


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