Justin Yu is a peripherals editor for CNET and one of the past hosts of The 404.

Originally from Orange County, California, Justin spent some time in San Francisco before moving to New York City. He now resides in the Little Italy-Chinatown area.

On the show, Justin was known for his jokes as well as impersonations and impressions (including V.A.G.) as well as his aversion to anything gaming related.


  • Andrew WK
  • Disney music
  • Karaoke
  • Bicycles
  • Lady Gaga


  • Dave Matthews
  • Butt rock
  • Beer

Guest AppearancesEdit

  • Episode 38 - 2/19/08 - Where we've got yellow fever
  • Episode 90 - 5/1/08 - Where we're going to Awesometown
  • Episode 100 - 5/15/08 - Where $1.8 Billion is a lot to pay for The 404

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