Jason Howell

CNET Podcast Producer
First Appearance:
November 12, 2008

Jason Howell is a CNET producer, musician, and friend of The 404. He is largely responsible for the transition of the show from an audio only podcast to a video podcast.

Jason has shown on numerous occasions that he listens to the show regularly. On an episode of Buzz Out Loud in October 2008, Wilson Tang appeared on the show and Jason slipped and almost introduced himself as Justin Yu. He explained that this was because he was used to hearing Justin's name introduced after Wilson's.


  • Episode 226 - 11/12/08 - Where Jason Howell is directly responsible for the content of The 404
  • Episode 320 - 4/14/09 - Where we're cleaning up this pigsty
  • Episode 321 - 4/15/09 - Where Jason bringeth thy camerath
  • Episode 322 - 4/16/09 - Where we insist on abiding by Murphy's Law

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