Drinking Game brought from Episode 506Edit

  • 1. If Wilson laughs for more than 8 seconds hysterically, Take one shot, if he passes out from laughter, finish the bottle
  • 2. If Jeff mentions the Devils or hockey in any way, take one shot
  • 3. If Wilson mentions apple, take one shot
  • 4. If Justin is not wearing Plaid, take two shots
  • 5. If anyone says "Subject to you," take one shot
  • 6. If Lady Gaga is mentioned at the same time as Steve Jobs or Apple, take two shots
  • 7. If Wilson uses his iPhone during the recording, take one shot
  • 8. If the iPad is never mentioned by the end of the show, take two shots
  • 9. If Jeff decides that he is sick of MW2, finish the bottle
  • 10. If the Tri-castor is not working, finish the whole bottle

Add more if you have any!

The 404 Inside JokesEdit

  • Hate the Show - Callers began using this phrase after it became cliche to end a voicemail with 'Love the Show'
  • 'Location' from 'Name' - Common practice for callers to reverse their name and location when introducing themselves
  • Wilson's Laugh - Wilson Tang's laugh is infectious to the point where it was made into a sound clip
  • Saskatoon - Canadian city with many listeners that Justin Yu implies is fictional
  • Verbose Asian Guy (VAG) - Character voiced by Justin who has a thick accent but an excellent English vocabulary
  • Fox News - Source of questionable stories and home of frequent guest Clayton Morris
  • Amy Winehouse - Frequent topic of conversation including a pool about when she will die
  • Space Beer Guy - Character with a thick Japanese accent voiced by Justin and employed by Sapporo
  • Duck Hunt - Nintendo video game with a dirty title
  • See You Next Tuesday - Euphamism for female genitalia
  • Frank's Red Hot - Favorite product of Kevin Roberts, aka The Food Dude
  • Hatorade - Jeff Bakalar's disapproval of most things
  • Nerd Voices - Libe Goad started a trend whereby fantasy novels are read in funny voices
  • Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds - Justin intentionally reverses their film roles
  • Tom Merritt hates fun - Host of Buzz Out Loud who is believed to lack a sense of humor
  • Sprint SERO plan - $30 per month voice and data plan that Jeff had until he bought the Palm Pre
  • Mario/Mare-io - Jeff's accent shines through when he talks about the notorious Nintendo character
  • Justin PSYu - Jeff gave Justin his old PS2 in an failed attempt to get him into gaming
  • Ear Douching - Also known as ear candling, this process of pouring rubbing alcohol into your ears to break up the wax was introduced by Steve Guttenberg and named by Debbie From Toronto
  • Dicktopping - The process of drawing the shape of a penis on the top of an object
  • Fleshlight - A male sex toy in the shape of a flashlight
  • Sally Henderson - Coworker of a frequent caller whose IP address and an Ubuntu boot disk were used to view illicit material at work
  • Chicken Chaser - originally a line from the video game Fable
  • Tuna Tuesday - Weekly tradition of frequent caller Tina Schwartz where all meals eaten that day contain tuna fish
  • Time is Brain - A quote from the end of an article written by a doctor about seizures.


  • "I don't care, subject to you!" - Phrase commonly spoken by Wilson's mother throughout his childhood
  • "He doesn't have it" - Owen Wilson quote from Zoolander
  • "Give these people air!" - Arnold Schwarzenegger quote from Total Recall
  • "Stop eating my sesame cake!" - Captain Wanta from the movie Congo.

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