The 404 026: Where Randall is wicked late. [1]
Wilson and Jeff get attacked by a bum, the internet goes dark in the Middle East, Yahoo drops some videogame mythbusting on y'all and Lost is back, finally.
The 404 025: Where whoa, what a feeling--when we're dancing on the ceiling. [2]
Today we talk about Amazon trying to patent custom 404 pages, how weird Digg is now that their algorithm has changed, and books that make you dumb. Also, Jeff gets his hands on Suda 51's latest M-rated Wii game, No More Heroes, and we'll take a stroll down arcade memory lane.
The 404 024: Where today, the cake is most definitely not a lie. [3]
Portal composer Jonathan Coulton joins us on today's episode of The 404. We talk expensive text messages, how Apple doesn't make much coin on the Apple TV... and... uh... we might even talk about Portal a little.
The 404 023: Where voyeuristic deer run rampant. [4]
Karina Longworth (of Spout Blog fame) joins us to talk about voyeuristic deer at Sundance, Second Life's crashing economy, the Screen Actors Guild awards and our brand spankin' new phone number: (866) 404-CNET. Tomorrow: Jonathan Coulton, composer of Portal!
The 404 022: Where Woo ya yes phew! [5]
Today we talk about a war with Scientologists vs hackers, movies opening this weekend, Hackers (the movie) and we give away some awesome headphones. Join us Monday at 11am EST / 8am PST live!
The 404 021: Where sensitivity is our middle name. [6]
Digg users revolt, EA strikes back, Lost alternate reality game and a $600 rebate for your taxes... plus win some expensive headphones for listening.
The 404 020: Where Jeff looks a little like Heath Ledger's brother. [7]
We're a little bummed about Heath Ledger's death, and we talk about it at the top of the show. We also talk about Burnout Paradise, which is a pretty nice looking game, and a Mass Effect non-troversy.
The 404 019: Where we didn't think of a catchy quote. [8]
Wow, what an eventful weekend. Randall headed up state to check out West Point, Wilson busted his ass skiing, Jeff didn't do much of anything, and the US economy prepares to crash. Oh, and Apple readied their Pink iPod *GASP!* We're a little groggy, but it's our first episode of The 404 at 11am EST, our new regular time. Like winning free stuff? Check out our Facebook Group, or leave a comment on this post. We'll see if we can't give something to a random winner.
The 404 018: Where roads, where we're going we don't need roads... [9]
Welcome to the show! It's for real. Today we talk iTunes rentals, Cloverfield, Teeth (shudder...) and Michel Gondry curating the YouTube Homepage. Enjoy the first show!
The first 17 podcasts were called the Dudecast.
The 404 017: Where sickness is a state of being at CNET. [10]
The 404 016: Where every day is Rex Manning day. [11]
The 404 015: Where we didn't talk about Macworld. [12]
The 404 014: Where our TVs stay on even when Gizmodo comes around. [13]
The 404 BOL: Where we hijacked Buzz's RSS feed. [14]
The 404 013: Where diversity is a large wooden ship. [15]
The 404 012: Where all of our 16 year old sisters are pregnant. [16]
The 404 011: Where read my f(l)ax mcfly you're fired! [17]
The 404 010: Where we picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue. [18]
The 404 009: Where we are an HR nightmare. [19]
The 404 008: Where it feels like we're taking crazy pills. [20]
The 404 007: Where we all go a little mad sometimes. [21]
The 404 006: Where the Tang is missed. [22]
The 404 005: Where none of us are virgins anymore. [23]
The 404 004: Where woman, wo-man, whoaaaaa man. [24]
The 404 003: Where we never take it out, we just rub it with a diaper. [25]
The 404 002: Where the cake is a lie. [26]
The 404 001: Where we didn't think of a catchy quote. [27]
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