The 404 046: Where we didn't start the fire [1]
After a contentious morning with an almost late Wilson Tang and a false office fire, the 404 hosts kick off the show with a look at billboard defacing, MyVu already showing up on Woot, prizes given away, and not so fantastic movies coming out this weekend!
The 404 045: Where everytime you go away, you take a piece of me with you [2]
Today CNET Senior Editor David Katzmaier joins us as we talk about how Steven Spielberg doesn't want Indy 4 DLP'd, why no one watched the Web-to-TV show Quarterlife, and Let's Fighting Love! We're giving away tons of prizes this week so show some love on The Facebook or call in to the show and leave a ridiculous voice mail--we may even play it on the air!
The 404 044: Where you can make a record if 5000 people like your band [3]
Today we welcome Pim Betist from He talks to us about his revolutionary music website that puts bands' success in the hands of the you, the internet. We also talk about Oscar winner Marion Cotillard's questionable past, as well as when exactly the world will end. Plus, we chat about the amazing Gary Busey interview that's floating around the ol' interweb.
The 404 043: Where the topics of the day are rarely the topics of the day [4]
Today we wax reminiscent as we always do, talking about the 15 most annoying video game characters. Jenkem... it's awful. Speaking of awful, some of us don't want to see "Bourne Legacy," and Seth Rogan has a new stoner comedy coming out. Shocker.
The 404 042: Where Wilson hasn't quite got a handle on the whole "escalator" game. [5]
The Oscars were just meh, Be Kind Rewind was meh + 1 (go see it) and Melinda Stewart of The Other Baldwins is the opposite of Meh. Go watch her video in our show notes and vote for it on, or check out the embedded clip below.
The 404 041: Where if you listen to this, you've played Mortal Kombat in a bowling alley. [6]
Friday, the end of the work week, the denouement, if you will, which means it's the perfect time to get Hepatitis A! Or at least that's what happened to some A-list celebrities at Ashton Kutcher's birthday party. D'oh! Also, Portal 2 might be in the works (we hope) and Jonathan Coulton's "Still Alive" will be included in a Rock Band downloadable content pack.
The 404 040: Where we let the chatroom pick the show name, and this was the best they did. [7]
The three guys today talk about Street Fighter being the best game ever...We wax reminiscent over old video games. Plus, Stanford drops tuition, XNA gets more open, Gears of War 2, and three actors replace Heath Ledger.
The 404 039: Where Bakalar isn't just his name...he's actually Back-a-lar. [8]
Today, we actually get it right! We sucker in Tom Merritt to talk about Amy Winehouse's drunken badness, a guy gets denied an all-star game marriage proposal, unlimited cell phone minutes, and N+, like stick figure lemmings...but for Xbox 360, and Pimp My Ride for Wii. Listen in on the fun!
The 404 038: Where we've got yellow fever. [9]
Looks like Jeff Bakalar is out again, HD DVD is finally dead so we're a little sad on this show, but on the bright side Justin Yu, CNET's newest editor, joins us, and MTI fills in for Jeff...which makes the show 2/3rds better. Also, Listen in for Jumper hitting it big and Knight Rider the TV movie. The HOFF makes a guest appearance!
The 404 037: Where Jeff isn't man enough to be in our presence after his Valentine's shenanigans. [10]
With Jeff Bakalar on Valentine's Day workout recovery, Dan Frommer of Silicon Alley Insider fame joins us in studio to talk about Microsoft's after school special program to stop kids from pirating, the Xbox 360's high failure rate, plus Indiana Jones 4's trailer hits the Interwebs, and please...oh please for the love of not see Jumper.
The 404 036: Where all your Valentine are belong to us. [11]
Today, we talk about Valentine Day's best and worst dates with ace reporter Caroline McCarthy. Also, Time Warner and Viacom are coming to Hulu, Spielberg's new video game Boom Blox, and EA's GameShow. We also hear from some our loyal listeners about Optimash Prime.
The 404 035: Where Phil Ryan says you're nothing if you don't have integrity. [12]
Today we're talking about how writers are back on the job, Knight Rider and its disease ridden red headed step-child, Netflix on the Xbox 360/PS3, and Apple TV updating its software. Then we rant about Spore and its newly announced September 7 release date.
The 404 034: Where Randall promises he won't walk out this episode. [13]
Today, we rant about how J.R.R Tolkien's estate took home a whopping $62,000 from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. $62,000--that's like your dad's salary for a movie trilogy that grossed over $8 billion worldwide. Plus, we talk Fight Club reborn on Broadway, and Thriller's 25th anniversary netting some awful bonus tracks.
The 404 033: Where we want to shout-out Blake; who's incarcerated. [14]
The day The 404 went insane. Today's show with guest David Carnoy gets out of hand real fast. First we talk about the Grammy's--specifically Amy Winehouse and Kayne West. Then, after the break, all hell breaks loose. Enjoy this rare episode while you can, because something like this probably won't happen again.
The 404 032: Where this weekend we're going waterboarding! [15]
Today we talk about how Monster cables are overpriced (duh), how much Paris Hilton sucks, and how to "hack" T-Mobile. Plus, Comcast is covering its ass by amending the company's Terms of Service to allow for throttling of BitTorrent traffic.
The 404 031: Where we're not crying, it's just raining on our faces [16]
Today we joke with Natali Del Conte about Valentine's Day, why Facebook is helping people know what's going on with Tennessee tornadoes, the Arrested Development movie in early talks, and unlimited phone plans.
The 404 030: Where we had to beat them to death with their own shoes (UPDATED) [17]
We rant about eBay abandoning negative feedback, what happened to Heath, retro Internet, why Red Bull makes you cop a feel, Marky Mark and console gaming. By the way, lots of retro.
The 404 029: Where 11:30 is the new 11:00 [18]
Super Tuesday isn't as super for us, plus two of us hate New Jersey, the iPhone and the iPod Touch get larger, and MySpace finally adds third-party app support.
The 404 028: Where we're Loaded [19]
Today we talk Super Bowl XLII and its lame-ass commercials, CNET TV's new show LOADED, our iTunes rankings, and signs of the end of Western Civilization beginning with Hannah Montana.
The 404 027: Where the Hobbit movies will be better than LoTR [20]
From rainy New York City--today we talk about how the new Hobbit movies won't suck because Guillermo del Toro will be behind the camera, this weekend's movies, reactions from last night's Lost premiere, and the whole Microsoft and Yahoo! merger thingie. Plus, we'll recall TV shows we miss and the time when MTV wasn't awful.
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