The following is a list of The 404 episodes that were recorded in May 2009.


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Ep # Title Original Airdate Link MP3
333 Where we get review units of Kenley's Palm Pre Friday, May 1, 2009 [1] [2]
Kenley is back on the first half of the show, and we discuss the reasons why a Radio Shack employee might want to punch a customer square in the face. We've all been in situations before where this is probably warranted, so we side with the disgruntled man in red.
334 Where may the 4th be with you Monday, May 4, 2009 [3] [4]
Today we celebrate annual Star Wars Day...well, Wilson and I do. Jeff unloads his typical dump truck of hate on our beloved trilogy and a bunch of other stories, including Google Goats, YouTube birthing, Wiki games, and the new Wolverine movie proving errbody wrong!
335 Where we get a wet rub from the Food Dude Tuesday, May 5, 2009 [5] [6]
It's been almost a year since our favorite chef, the Food Dude Kevin Roberts, has graced The 404. Kevin has once again brought us the magic that is Frank's Red Hot and shows us the tech behind perfectly saucing a batch of chicken wings.
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336 Where sometimes it's good to be alone Wednesday, May 6, 2009 [7] [8]
Wilson's out slaving for CNET TV at the Amazon Kindle DX unveiling, leaving Jeff and I to man the show sans laughter...we'll let you judge the outcome. Today we veryveryvery briefly touch on the biggie Kindle, and also discuss the dangers of gaming to the death, Apple's new iPhone replacement policy, Oprah's free chicken giveaway, and more!
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337 Where Dan Levy makes it rain Thursday, May 7, 2009 [9] [10]
Our good friend Dan Levy from OntheDLPodcast joins our show today in our studio and witnesses the first-ever live 404 unboxing! Justin's choice to buy a refurbished Macbook Pro turns out to be the right decision after all.
338 Where we boldly go to see 'Star Trek' Friday, May 8, 2009 [11] [12]
The 404 crew goes to see the new "Star Trek" film by director J.J. Abrams. It's a reboot of the venerable Star Trek television series that most geeks grew up watching. Our good buddy and Photoshop contest winner Jacky W. Chen came with us, along with Edouard, our new bouncer.
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339 Where Wilson refuses to apologize to thousands of Star Trek fans Monday, May 11, 2009 [13] [14]
If you've ever wondered what it would take for Wilson to finally snap,'s today. After getting a load of flack for "spoiling" the "Star Trek" movie on last Friday's show, Wilson retaliates. You gotta hear this. We also take a crack at the Guitar Hero reality show, Disneyland noodies, chatting with strangers, and wolf shirts guaranteed to give you magic powers!
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340 Where Wilson was smart enough not to come to work today Tuesday, May 12, 2009 [15] [16]
Molly Wood joins us on today's show and we chat about various undesirables from around the Internet. First, it's the return of the Montauk Monster, everyone's favorite gnarled-up, indecipherable creature who occasionally washes up on the shores of eastern Long Island. Is this a real animal or some hoax that is running out of steam?
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341 Where we like Natali a-latte Wednesday, May 13, 2009 [17] [18]
Wilson Tang is back in the house today, along with the lovely and ever-gracious Natali Del Conte. She's just come back from her vacation, and we find out how she stalked Tom Hanks from the film "Angels & Demons" (check out her Loaded piece this Thursday). And Justin disappears from his first ever hate-on during the show.
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342 Where doctor says I need a 'backiotomy' Thursday, May 14, 2009 [19] [20]
Dr. Todd Sinett is in today to talk about his revolutionary idea about chronic back pain and his book "The Truth About Back Pain: A Revolutionary, Individualized Approach to Diagnosing and Healing Back Pain." Meanwhile, Justin is still out with the swine flu, but Dr. Sinett more than fills the gap left by Justin's absence with his first appearance on The 404. We promise he'll be back again soon.
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343 Where we're so Liz Money we don't even know it Friday, May 15, 2009 [21] [22]
Star of The Gagdet 411's "The Money Shot" Web show, Liz Money, joins us in the studio today to talk about the gadgets she's currently obsessed with. Liz is in town from New Orleans (see Nawlins) and was nice enough to stop by the 404 studio for some good, clean fun.
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344 Where we burn our memory bras in protest Monday, May 18, 2009 [23] [24]
Man, we're never going to have a complete show again. With Wilson in Boston visiting his newborn son, we invite Natali Del Conte back on the show, where we disgust and delight her with stories about gravity-defying bras, sleeping with rodents, and a $4k pair of Xbox/Nike sneakers.
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345 Where our Palms are full of Pre Tuesday, May 19, 2009 [25] [26]
Longtime friend of the 404 Tim Geisenheimer takes Wilson's spot today on the show where we talk a whole lot about the Palm Pre. The Pre will hit stores Saturday June 6 for $200 after a $100 rebate. We weigh some of the pros and cons of the new Palm gadget and try to figure out why (or if) it's cooler than the iPhone.
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346 Where Anna David wonders if you can be Bought Wednesday, May 20, 2009 [27] [28]
Today's show is all about Anna, a well-established journalist and sex/relationship expert whose second book tells the story of a tepid journalist who gets slapped with an assignment to explore the steamy underbelly of high-class glitterati and the girls who will do whatever, and whoever, it takes to get what they want.
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347 Where we get a taste of Bonnie Cha's Palm Pre Thursday, May 21, 2009 [29] [30]
CNET smartphone editor Bonnie Cha calls into The 404 today to talk about the highly anticipated and potential iPhone killer, the Palm Pre. What does she really think about the phone? Will there really be a shortage? Does anyone know why it's called the Pre? Bonnie lays it all out so that even we can understand.
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348 Where we need a Doctor's opinion Friday, May 22, 2009 [31] [32]
On today's show, find out ways that kids now are using abbreviations in text messages to hide things from their parents. Apparently, "RU/18" is something that kids these days are getting on their cell phones. Also, Pfizer is giving away free three-month supplies of Viagra and Lipitor because of the recession, but only if you were on the drugs before you got laid off. We hope Justin isn't itching to get fired for this deal.
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349 Where it sucks to be back...but we're baaaaaack Tuesday, May 26, 2009 [33] [34]
After a very relaxing three-day weekend, we're back for a fresh start and a hilarious show. Today, we recap our appearance on Fox News and our weekend exploits, debut a few excellent logo submissions, and reveal Wilson's secret shame.
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350 Where we'll soon be swimming with the fishes Wednesday, May 27, 2009 [35] [36]
Today the truth comes out. As if we didn't know it already, Wilson Tang is officially an Apple fanboy. Find out how he shows his true colors when he and Jeff get into a heated debate over the company.
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351 Where we decode our paychecks with the Jill of all trades Thursday, May 28, 2009 [37] [38]
It's no surprise that Jeff, Wilson, and Justin don't know jack about the economic financial crisis, so we invite CBS's Editor-at-Large Jill Schlesinger on the show to break it all down. She preps us with tips on what young people can do to secure a stable future and she gives us three very important ways to keep the money we earn.
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352 Where it's just another Friday meltdown Friday, May 29, 2009 [39] [40]
After yesterday's much-lauded episode with Jill Schlesinger, Jeff, Justin, and Wilson are back to classic 404 goodness today. We're glad that for once in the world we can offer some helpful financial advice. And yes, we're still offering 404k options, so please send your checks to the show.
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