The following is a list of The 404 episodes that were recorded in March 2009.


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289 Where we should have had a snow day Monday, March 2, 2009 [1] [2]
Mark Licea, aka MTI, fills in for Justin Yu's diminutive shoes on this beautiful snow day, who's out with a genital warps outbreak. (Mwuahaha... Wilson would like to thank Justin for giving him the power to write the blog post/show description.) Mark gives us his one word review of Street Fighter IV for the PlayStation 3: "Yeah". Also, Jeff can't wait to catch Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-li, which seriously got a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. The only reason why Wilson wants to see it is because Kristin Kreuk is in it. (Volume off, of course).
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290 Where both Natali and Justin are suspiciously absent Tuesday, March 3, 2009 [3] [4]
Dr. Michael Breus, the Sleep Doctor, gets snowed out of New York today, and Justin Yu and Natali Del Conte are both suspiciously absent. We thought they were joking about the whole getting married thing. We didn't actually think they would hook up. Anyway, Heavy fills in today and does an admirable job of explaining why people get migraines. Essentially, Justin needs to take some Midol.
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291 Where there are some who call me Tim Wednesday, March 4, 2009 [5] [6]
Tim Geisenheimer joins the show today along with our favorite former intern, Mark Licea. We talk about Tim's new Kindle 2 and how Amazon decided to release a free iPhone app. That's $359 down the drain for Tim. Along the way, we discuss the Red Ring of Death for the Xbox 360 and a surprise guest appearance by Justin Yu himself, who reveals he's been suffering from multiple outbreaks of yet-to-be-classified STDs.
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292 Where Caroline McCarthy bears her graptolite to The 404 Thursday, March 5, 2009 [7] [8]
Caroline McCarthy makes her triumphant return to The 404 and shows us her nerdy tattoo. It's way hot! Buzz Out Loud's Natali Del Conte and Justin Yu get back from their sweet honeymoon. Natali changed her name to Mrs. Natali Yu Conte. You'll see this change on her next appearance on the "CBS Early Show".
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293 Where Dan Ackerman has a Mac Mini in his pants Friday, March 6, 2009 [9] [10]
Dan Ackerman joins us on today's show to talk about his not-critically-acclaimed album "Tales Out of Night School" and the technology world in general. Be sure to check out his podcast Digital City on iTunes. Also, he give his opinion on digital-music distribution and makes fun of our game of marry/boff/kill with Ms. Natali Del Conte.
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294 Where daylight-saving time is no friend of The 404 Monday, March 9, 2009 [11] [12]
Daylight-saving time really messes with the guys of The 404. Today, we realize how old we are when compacts discs are 30 years old. Obviously, teens prefer MP3s over CDs; audiophiles die a little. Another teen creates Muziic, a program that lets you build a music library from YouTube. And finally, Walgreens starts to sell sex toys.
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295 Where we hide our junk in the cloud Tuesday, March 10, 2009 [13] [14]
Facebook loses your uploaded photos temporarily. Wilson knows this due to his vigilant Facebook stalking. We're still running our motto contest, and right now it's split between "The nerdy dirty" and "Full frontal nerdity."
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296 Where the new iPod Shuffle looks like a suppository Wednesday, March 11, 2009 [15] [16]
Apple releases a new iPod Shuffle that looks curiously like something you would use to take care of constipation. It looks as if "SNL" wasn't that far off though when it suggested the iPod Pequeño. But hey, this one talks to you!
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297 Where Caroline McCarthy is Asian for a day Thursday, March 12, 2009 [17] [18]
Ace reporter Caroline McCarthy joins the show today to give us a little preview of South by Southwest, while we ream Justin Yu for totally being a pushover on our competing podcast "Bore Out Loud." Caroline says there isn't really much scheduled that will be ground-breaking this year, but that's because The 404 isn't there.
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298 Where Erica Boeke teaches us how to watch sports like a girl Friday, March 13, 2009 [19] [20]
Erica Boeke is on the show today to talk about her new book "GameFace: The Kick-Ass Guide for Women Who Seriously Love Pro Sports." On the show, we talk about women and their fascination with watching hockey players kick each others' ass. And Justin reveals that he has never played baseball, basketball, football, or hell, even played catch in his life.
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299 Where I was into it more back in college Monday, March 16, 2009 [21] [22]
Back from the weekend, Justin watches "Watchmen" again, Wilson catches "Coraline" in 3D, and Jeff tries to kill himself when his parents and soon-to-be parents-in-law spend the weekend picking a place to get married and the font of the invitation envelopes.
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300 Where Dr. Michael Breus puts us to sleep with 300 green beers Tuesday, March 17, 2009 [23] [24]
Dr. Michael Breus, the Sleep Doctor, joins us today for what is quite possibly the most informative show we've ever done. No iPhone OS 3.0 news here today. We've got something so much better. It's our 300th episode, and we're still not canceled! *Fingers crossed.*
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301 Where we defect to Canada with Debbie from Toronto Wednesday, March 18, 2009 [25] [26]
debbiefromtoronto from the chat room joins The 404 today all the way from Canada. Of course, she brings her special Canadian goodies, like ketchup potato chips and Smarties, on to the show. Justin falls in love with her when he finds out that she has a bachelor's degree in printing! And she reveals that she was the one who actually coined the phrase "ear douching."
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302 Where Wilson is walking on sunshine Thursday, March 19, 2009 [27] [28]
Justin calls Wilson out for being happy with his life, so they decide to name the show after the popular '80s song Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves. Meanwhile, Justin hates his life because New York City ruined his evening. Stay tuned for that story on today's The 404.
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303 Where even we know not to get a bacon tattoo Friday, March 20, 2009 [29] [30]
Jeff, Wilson, and Justin recover from their hangovers with ace reporter Caroline McCarthy. We chat about Wilson's drunken debauchery and Caroline's bacon tattoo.
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304 Where this is the show that's caused global warming Monday, March 23, 2009 [31] [32]
MTI (also known as Mark Licea) joins the show today to replace Justin Yu, who's on vacation to Boston. We cover everything under the typical 404-sun: strippers, Playboy, Mexican-Korean truck food, Twitter, and Sweet Lou Bakalar.
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305 Where Natali does not appear on 'Howard Stern' Tuesday, March 24, 2009 [33] [34]
Natali Del Conte joins the show today to talk about how she won't be making an appearance on the Howard Stern's show, though he is looking for a brand-new 3G, touch screen phone with a keyboard. Jeff and Wilson told her that she needs to wear a muumuu and a turtleneck if she ever goes on the show. Best of all, it's Jeff's birthday! He's legal, girls!
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306 Where just like the U.S. Postal Service, we're running out of money Wednesday, March 25, 2009 [35] [36]
Justin Yu returns to the show from his sojourn to Boston, but he comes back with some monster grandma glasses from the '60s and a $40 check from Airborne. The 404 makes history by finally making it onto Urban Dictionary, with a word we still cannot write officially on CNET.
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307 Where Justin 'puts a ring on it' Thursday, March 26, 2009 [37] [38]
On today's show we talk about video games, and no, Justin doesn't tune out. EA is pushing the iPhone/iPod touch platform pretty hard with releases of Madden NFL and the venerable Wolfenstein. We hopes it's the updated version and not the sprite-based classic Wolfenstein 3D, though killing Nazis on the subway train does sound like a lot of fun. Also in gaming news, a company called OnLive has announced a new "streaming video game service." Cool, except we don't want to wait two seconds for Chun-li to land a punch on Baraka.
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308 Where Wilson is on nacation Friday, March 27, 2009 [39] [40]
If there's a more disturbing image than a naked Wilson Tang eating a stuffed pepper and doing his taxes, it's got to be a naked Tim Geisenheimer's sockless foot stuffed into a suede moccasin. We invite Tim into the studio anyway and he surprises us with some bad news: turns out the economy ain't doing so well.
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309 Where Tom Avery still can't feel his big toes Monday, March 30, 2009 [41] [42]
World explorer Tom Avery joins the 404 today to talk about how he's conquered both the North and South Poles of our great planet Earth. Boy, does it make Justin feel terrible about his life, Wilson know he'll be eaten like in the movie "Alive," and Jeff promise to beat Tom on his next journey.
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310 Where BOL wishes it was The 404 Tuesday, March 31, 2009 [43] [44]
There's been a lot of tension between Buzz Out Loud and The 404 for the last couple of months, but today, it's all on! We're sick and tired of the "Bore Out Loud" stealing our women (*ahem* Natali Del Conte) and our joke show titles. We've never been as crass as to have "urine" in one of our show titles. We got pretty bad, though, with having "tickling the Bonch." But we really did tickle CNET editor Bonnie Cha that day.
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