The following is a list of The 404 episodes that were recorded in July 2008.


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132 Where CBS is brought to you by The 404 Tuesday, July 1, 2008 [1] [2]
Today's show is all about answering the questions that nobody is asking. These questions include:
   * Is "doing the robot" considered cheating?
   * If California legalizes marijuana, will we need to find a new co-host?
   * Is the vibrating iPhone keypad a curse or a blessing in disguise?
   * When will Amy Winehouse evolve into a Homo sapiens?
   * How can we stop the Ninja Turtles from stealing our precious metals?
   * Do the Netflix executives listen to The 404?
   * Is there a problem that can't be solved with Viagra? 

All this and much much more, now brought to you by CBS Interactive and its parent company, The 404.

133 Where we stay together for the kids Wednesday, July 2, 2008 [3] [4]
Sixteen of Wilson's illegitimate children ventured into the preshow, but don't worry--we kept it G-rated for the little Tangers. Check out the video courtesy of UltimateBuster for evidence of the wackiness. Once they leave, though, we revert back to our old selves and bring you another show filled with skally stories from around the Internets, including the upcoming Xbox 360 dashboard update, Laser Speedos (no affiliation with Laser Cats), the overweight American workforce, and this country's obsession with nonfat half-caff triple-grande quarter-sweet sugar-free nonfat lactaid extra-hot extra-foamy caramel macchiatos.
134 Where the interns broke the studio Thursday, July 3, 2008 [5] [6]
CNET interns Jeff and Jeremy give the Webcam a premature Fourth of July fireworks show and fuzzify the viewers, but we'll forgive them this time. In other news, we also take apart the Great Firewall of China, beg for Rush Limbaugh's scraps, voraciously consume watermelon with a vengeance, hack a few ATMs across the country, and question Wilson's stubborn refusal to see GOOD MOVIES.
135 Where that "Umbrella" song sucks Monday, July 7, 2008 [7] [8]
We're back from vacation and better than ever! On today's show, we bring you the heat from the Interwaves: weekend movie roundups (Surprise! Hancock still sucks), a heartwarming story about a decapitated Chihuahua, advancements in genetically modified human beings, smog safety concerns at the Olympics in Beijing, and one mysterious alien aircraft in yonder atmosphere.
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136 Where Maggie makes her triumphant return to The 404 Tuesday, July 8, 2008 [9] [10]
It's definitely been awhile but we're happy to welcome Maggie Reardon back to the show. Today we talk about waiting in line for useless electronics, beer pong video games, the shaky new PS3 firmware, and Maggie enlightens us on some iPhone alternatives and the benefits of switching to Sprint.
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137 Where Justin will not be censored Wednesday, July 9, 2008 [11] [12]
Big Daddy Wilson can't make it on the show today, so we scoured the office and found his lovechild with MTI, CNET Account Coordinator Eddie Nguyen. He joins us for another wild show- this time, we address the not-so-recent trend of DVD piracy, the George Dubya Bush Sewage Plant (GDBSP), and Google's plan to redirect socially inept nerds. Most importantly, we expose a CON ARTIST within The 404 family. Seriously, we're fuming.
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138 Where the show is now called The 202 Thursday, July 10, 2008 [13] [14]
Today's show starts off a bit rough. Wilson's still gone and our guests Rana Sobhany and Eric Litman are nowhere to be found, so it's the Jeff and Justin show for the first half. We do our normal thing and chat about old people getting it on until BAM! Rana and Eric arrive and all is well again. They give us the scoop on their newest business venture, Medialets, and we also discuss the YouTube versus Viacom lawsuit. Thanks for coming on the show, guys!
139 Where none of us want the new iPhone Friday, July 11, 2008 [15] [16]
CNET's Dan Ackerman drops by The 404 to give us some E3 2008 predictions and previews. We talk about the big three companies and what we can expect to hear from their respective news conferences at the big show. We'll also chat about Justin and Jeff's experience at the iPhone 3G launch this morning--it wasn't pretty.
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140 Where you can win a non-date with Natali Del Conte! Monday, July 14, 2008 [17] [18]
On today's show, we spout about our "appearance" on Fox News, release an exclusive secret about this year's Rock Band concert at E3, briefly touch on the iPhone release, and look into a new and innovative form of police brutality. Special appearances by Bill Cosby, Space Beer Guy, and a genital herpes commercial.
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141 Where this aggression will not stand, man Tuesday, July 15, 2008 [19] [20]
Our favorite guest ghost Rana Sobhany joins us again and brings her friend Alex Cone, who dishes the dirt on the Apple AppStore and gives us all the secrets about the new iPhone 4G. OK, maybe not, but we do get into a pretty random rundown, which includes a rundown of the Microsoft press conference at E3, an update on Wordpress, shirtless Mormons, and an exercise in international workplace ethics.
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142 Where we KILL the Batman Wednesday, July 16, 2008 [21] [22]
This is the show where we KILL the Batman. And by kill, we mean praise...maybe obsess. We scored a few free tickets to attend an exclusive Dark Knight IMAX screening and after getting stood up by three contest winners, we finally get in touch with Cesar Marty, who came to enjoy the movie with us.

And man...did we enjoy it. So much so that we spend the first half of today's show gushing over its superiority over all other superhero flicks. Don't worry, we keep Wilson "The Spoiler" Tang on a short leash. The rest of the show is spent recommending good places to consummate an affair, wrapping up this year's E3, and applying "SKALLY" in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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143 Where it's talking to you Thursday, July 17, 2008 [23] [24]
Per usual, we push the envelope in the preshow today and it starts to leak into the beginning of today's episode, but we quickly (maybe not so quickly) seal it up and get into our story rundown. We criticize our sue-happy country and its propensity for stupid T-shirts, speak to the potential power of iPhone gaming, introduce a new S&M Barbie doll (therapy not included), and snap our way through this year's Emmy nominees.
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144 Where we just got Rickrolled, f'real Friday, July 18, 2008 [25] [26]
It's not easy doing a show after a trench-coated troubadour walks in wearing a pair of sunglasses, and starts to sing "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley. A singing telegram... That's right, folks, we got a live Rickroll!

Wow, it's pretty hard to follow that up with an equally funny and disturbing show, but we try our hardest, 'cause hey! It's Friday. On today's episode, we exonerate Andy Dick for his underage groping, analyze some strange statistics, and Jeff tells us about his favorite thing to do on a sunny Saturday afternoon: Live Human Taxidermy. All that and a handful of hilarious calls and e-mails from our listeners.
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145 Where Justin is cutting a 7-inch on brown vinyl Monday, July 21, 2008 [27] [28]
After a long, hot weekend, all three of us are happy to be indoors hugging the air conditioner and chatting about all the latest and greatest news from the Internet. This weekend people escaped the heat by checking out The Dark Knight, and the numbers blew our predictions out of the water. Another doozy: dudes in Flint, Mich., are pissed at Police Chief David Dicks cracking down on saggy butts, and Amy Winehouse's boo-bear finally finds a home in prison. We also talk about the Beijing Olympics (sponsored by Cingular) and run down FHM's list of 100 Sexiest Women.

Britney Spears, are you KIDDING me?!

146 Where Wilson's optimism is making us nauseous Tuesday, July 22, 2008 [29] [30]
We express our disappointment with Mr. Bale regarding this breaking news, and also comment on the Japanese trend of upskirt iPhone pics, mourn the death of the local coffee shop, and warn our young viewers about the dangers of lighting your friends' pants on fire. Finally, we end the show with a lengthy discussion on alternative pedicures and place an astonishing $404 eBay bid. Download the 'cast to find out if we won!
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147 Where we're looking for the big E Wednesday, July 23, 2008 [31] [32]
Self-proclaimed audiophiliac Steve Guttenberg sits in with us today and gives us the inside scoop on the many benefits of ear cleansing. Light candles in your ear, pouring hydrogen peroxide into the ear canal, what the...? We also talk more about the latest headphones on the market and even gain some insight into the Steve's former political agenda!

We also play a heartbreaking voicemail that Natali received from our buddy Phil Ryan and EVENTUALLY get into the rundown at the tail end of the show, talking about (dare we say) hot, sweaty lesbians! 'Tis true, take a peek!
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148 Where MTI is livid and covered in toilet paper Thursday, July 24, 2008 [33] [34]
Mark is finally back from his 10 year sabbatical, so we have him on as a guest on today's show to talk about the much deserved practical joke we pulled on him (see post below). He also gives a shout out to Papa Licea and tells us a few stories about his trip.

The rest of us get into a rather heated discussion about RoboCop and Batman, give a public service announcement on child abuse, reminisce about a time not so long ago when we worked for pennies, and daydream out loud about all the sinister things we could do with an identical twin.
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149 Where you can call us now for your free reading Friday, July 25, 2008 [35] [36]
After one of our listeners calls us out on our truly awful Jamaican impression, we try, try, try again--unsuccessfully. It doesn't work out so well, and we slowly start to sound like a Jamaican extradited from Ireland.'s episode finally reveals the secret pre-show juice that powers the enthusiasm we bring you everyday: crunk juice! And, by crunk juice we mean orange juice! All this segues into our first story, where we lay the smackdown on 50 Cent for getting a little trigger happy south of the border. Jeff decides to change 50's name to "Buy One, Get One Free" and we quickly move on, fearing the kind of retribution that only a man with his own Vitamin Water can dish. We also envy a man who projects his 11th digit onto cathedrals in Spain, make fun of a doofus that actually got several Microsoft Zune tattoos, and pick apart the movies that you should (and shouldn't) see this weekend.
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150 Where Justin apologizes profusely to Sarah Tew Monday, July 28, 2008 [37] [38]
We finally get CNET photographer Sarah Tew into The 404 lair and I screw it all up in the preshow. Sarah was dragged in by Corinne Shulze, another CNET shooter visiting from the City by the Bay. In nothing short of a miracle, they still agree to do the show and we get right into it. Corinne tells us about her fight with a MUNI rail (you should've seen the rail) and expounds the joys of working on Vicodin. Also, I tell the group about how I almost came to blows with a dude over the weekend.

While there isn't much tech talk in this episode (unless you count Wilson complaining about his unCuilness), we do make fun of drunk people on airplanes and rename the Cloverfield sequel.
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151 Where our names aren't f***ing Warren Tuesday, July 29, 2008 [39] [40]
Since I'm the only one who caught a glimpse of the leaked Wolverine trailer, I have to be the one to explain it to the dudes. We also get into a discussion about the lengths that some dudes will go to get a girl's attention. Wilson's chum and S.P. fangirl Alex Rodriguez pops into the studio! Alex helps us update the public on some not-so-fresh [Inside Jokes & Common References
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152 Where Natali does not do it in Second Life Wednesday, July 30, 2008 [41] [42]
On the show today: Natali Del Conte, Sex and the Second Life, star crossed robotics, beer theft in gay bars, Drank drink - "Slow Your Roll," Cluck the MPAA.
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153 Where we get over it Thursday, July 31, 2008 [43] [44]
Guest Alex Green shows us his Web site "GET OVER IT", Space Beer T-shirts, 404 Dark Knight Meetup Wrap-up, Pussy Natural Energy Drink, Monster of Montauk, and Seth Rogan on the pot.
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