The following is a list of The 404 episodes that were recorded in December 2009.


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477 Where we get our CrunchPad out in time Tuesday, December 1, 2009 [1] [2]
If you've ever sat around with friends and mourned the death of the mixtape, you'll certainly appreciate the first half of today's episode of CNET's The 404 Podcast. While Jeff was at home for the break, he stumbled upon a a collection of old cassette tapes including the Cool Side/Awesome Side mix you see up there. It's got a solid collection of '90s hits including "Mr. Jones" by Counting Crows, Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun," and, of course, "Smells Like Teen Spirit."
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478 Where The 404 hoverboard works on water Wednesday, December 2, 2009 [3] [4]
There's so much to do on today's episode of The 404 Podcast that I'm surprised we were able to fit it all into half an hour--we've got 404 listener Leopold's take on our theme song, Back to the Future/The 404 mash up fan art, and a prize giveaway courtesy of Otterbox!
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479 Where we pick our poison Thursday, December 3, 2009 [5] [6]
It feels good to let the poison out every once in a while, so today's episode of CNET's The 404 Podcast is all about human vices, starting with a story about a controversial secret love scene in Dragon Age: Origins between two gay elves. While conservatives are up in arms about the cut scene, Wilson and Jeff stand by the Mature rating and hold parents responsible for making the final buying decision, but I have to play devil's advocate and ask why it's necessary to have sex scenes in video games in the first place; are there really gamers out there actually getting a kick out of seeing it, or is it just creating more trouble than it's worth?
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480 Where new information has come to light, man Friday, December 4, 2009 [7] [8]
CNET Audiophiliac Steve Guttenberg joins The 404 Podcast for a special Friday episode all about the art of music appreciation. We love having Steve on the show because he actually comes prepared with topics of discussion, and today he launches right into a thoughtful point about how music has become background filler for the digital generation.
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481 Where we finally get our hands on that Nook Monday, December 7, 2009 [9] [10]
Believe it or not, the fourth host on today's episode of CNET's The 404 Podcast is the Nook, Barnes & Noble's e-book reader with a color touch screen and Wi-Fi. The device is currently sold out and on back order throughout B&N, so it wasn't easy to obtain. We had to walk 500 miles and battle a Nazgul to get it, but the in-studio demo was worth the wait. If you haven't seen a Nook up close, you're in for a treat.
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482 Where we put on our poker face Tuesday, December 8, 2009 [11] [12]
Before we get into the stories on today's episode of CNET's The 404 Podcast, let's spend a moment on the magic of Lady Gaga. In this morning's pre-show, Jeff admits he's finally fallen for the incendiary pop star, and it's all because of her newest video, "Bad Romance." We all agree that the diva is definitely the most talented pop star, but the nerds inside of us have to ask: does she have to constantly pimp her Monster Heartbeat headphones in every single music video?
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483 Where we play a never-ending game of devil's advocate Wednesday, December 9, 2009 [13] [14]
Today's episode of CNET's The 404 Podcast starts off on a personal note, with Jeff detailing last night's tour of Justin's tiny Manhattan apartment. I'll concede that the space is indeed very small relative to the cripplingly expensive rent, but like any self-respecting human, I'll pay almost anything stay out of New Jersey.
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484 Where we text message Tiger Woods Thursday, December 10, 2009 [15] [16]
Welcome to Justin's penultimate episode of CNET's The 404 Podcast! Tomorrow will be our last show as a team, but there's plenty of special Yuletide episodes, contests, 404 merchandise, and CES shows to look forward to in 2010.
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485 Where Justin is leaving on a jet plane Friday, December 11, 2009 [17] [18]
Goodbyes are never easy, but it ain't so bad when you're leaving for a three-week holiday vacation to Huntington Beach, Calif. On today's episode of CNET's The 404 Podcast, the dudes celebrate Justin's last show in 2009. To everyone's disappointment, he'll back back in January 2010 for one episode, and then the dudes are off to CES for four shows from the CNET stage!
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486 Where Bonnie is not Nicole Monday, December 14, 2009 [19] [20]
Bonnie Cha, senior editor for cell phones, joins the show today to fill in for Justin Yu. It's one of the few days Wilson and Jeff aren't worried about losing their jobs for something they shouldn't have said. And no, she is NOT Nicole Lee. What better day to have Ms. Cha on the show than following the weekend that the actual Google phone leaks!
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487 Where even we can win a Golden Globe this year Tuesday, December 15, 2009 [21] [22]
While today's Golden Globe announcements were a bit underwhelming, we were thrilled to see "The Hangover" get a nomination in the Best Picture: Comedy or Musical category. To coincide with the film's release on Blu-ray and DVD today we're giving away copies of the movie! Just send us an e-mail at the404 [at] cnet [dot] com telling us your best (or worst) hangover story. Everyone's got at least one, so send us yours for a chance to win!
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488 Where we now offer free Wi-Fi--with the purchase of a Happy Meal Wednesday, December 16, 2009 [23] [24]
This may be the last week of live 404 episodes for 2009, and it's also been the most hectic. With Wilson missing his second day in a row and Caroline McCarthy being bedridden by a holiday cold, Mark Licea and Bonnie Cha help me hold down the fort.
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489 Where our drones got hacked Thursday, December 17, 2009 [25] [26]
Things are certainly winding down here at the CNET New York offices as The 404 finishes up its last two live episodes for the year. In the studio with us today is Natali Del Conte along with her CBS producer Will--so it sounds like the show is about to get some Early Show love on Friday morning!
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490 Where we finish things on a good note Friday, December 18, 2009 [27] [28]
It's the last live episode of The 404...of 2009. Russ Frushtick, chief gamer at MTV Networks, joins the show today along with Mark Licea of The Green Show to discuss the tumultuous, but exciting year in videogames. Finally, we get to the winners of our "Hangover" contest.
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490.1 The 404 Yuletide Mini-sode: Where hackers of the world unite Monday, December 21, 2009 [29] [30]
While you're enjoying the holiday break, check out this very special prerecorded Yuletide episode dedicated to the most inaccurate cyberpunk movie ever to tumble out of Hollywood. Of course, we're talking about "Hackers," the cult classic film that first phreaked its way into our hearts way back in 1995.
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490.2 The 404 Yuletide Mini-sode: Where we have fond memories of 2009 Thursday, December 24, 2009 [31] [32]
It's hard to believe that 2009 has already come and gone, but with the holidays over and 2010 around the corner, we've decided to record a special wrap-up episode to finish off the year. Lots of big changes that happened in the past twelve months, but the most momentous for the show has to be the introduction of the Tricaster and the subsequent evolution into a full-fledged video show. Of course, we have to thank Jason Howell, the man behind all the CNET Podcasts who helped us set up and troubleshoot our new equipment.
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490.3 The 404 Yuletide Mini-sode: Where The 404 is the Fifth Element Monday, December 28, 2009 [33] [34]
Today's special holiday edition of The 404 is dedicated to The Fifth Element, easily one of our favorite movies of all time. From the epic vision of the distant future to the colorful characters and of course the operatic techno scene, this movie retains its entertainment value after almost 13 years.
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490.4 The 404 Yuletide Mini-sode: Where we recap the movies of 2009 Wednesday, December 30, 2009 [35] [36]
We're all a little torn up about the top 50 highest grossing movies of 2009. Films like Watchmen, Bruno, and Star Trek blew us away and easily lived up to the hype; it's too bad that flops like Hotel For Dogs and Paranormal Activity had to ruin it for the rest!
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