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Friday, November 6, 2009

Where we make it too easyEdit

Wilson G. Tang is happily celebrating his 25th birthday tomorrow, so we take a few minutes at the beginning of today's episode of The 404 podcast to congratulate the man on making it this far. Can you believe this fool has only been on Earth 25 years? I always assumed you could tell Wilson's age by counting the highlights in his hair, but the consensus is that Wilson is certainly an old soul. He also brings in a very special birthday present that he got from his boo-bear this morning: a brand-new Apple Mac Mini to add to his Apple museum brewing at home! Don't tell Wilson, but we've also arranged for a naughty Steve Jobs look-alike to pop out of his mooncake later tonight.

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Wilson Tang talking about the mac mini his girlfriend got him for his birthday. 4:02 - 4:23

" being sort of a mac fan." - Wilson Tang

"Are you a mac fan? You wouldn't know judging by the Macbook that you have, iMac, you have have an iPhone and now you have a Mac mini. What does the inside of Steve Jobs' mouth taste like?" - Justin Yu

"He is a good kisser." - Wilson Tang

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