430 - Where we Microsoft Courier your enthusiasm
Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Where we Microsoft Courier your enthusiasmEdit

We couldn't record today's Podcast without spending a little time on Gizmodo's big unveiling of Microsoft's secret tablet PC. The blog is reporting that even though our first inclination is to call it a tablet, it's really more of a booklet, with two 7-inch(ish) screens with multitouch, a 3MP camera on the back, and a fancy stylus for clicking, writing, dragging, and drawing. In typical 404 fashion, we have to poke fun at the fact that while a long plastic pen is very innovative, we wish it had fully functioning voice recognition, but as we've seen from the Google iPhone app, that technology will likely never be perfected. In the meantime, it looks like the Microsoft booklet will materialize before the fabled Apple tablet.

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  • "This is the crispiest tube sock I've ever seen." - Justin Yu 16:44 - 16:46
  • "God, this is the most uncomfortable thing I think I've ever put on." - Jeff Bakalar 16:47 - 16:50
  • "What is this made of cardboard, this is ridiculous." - Justin Yu 16:50 - 15:51
  • "It's like sand paper." - Jeff Bakalar 16:52 - 16:53

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