These people listen to The 404.

  • gknee: The overly sensitive uncultured Bitchy overlording Nazi moderator of the chatroom
  • DAK: the most helpful moderator of the chatroom (who is a really really sexy beast)
  • Henry Chu (TapChus): a.k.a. "Uncle Henry" who came as a guest on the show after bringing red envelopes and baked treats for the hosts for Chinese New Year
  • Sadacori: from Hawaii, sadacori also sent a box of treats to the studio, including furikake
  • excalipoor
  • Tina Schwartz (the token jew)
  • pastubbs
  • pmbailey
  • ddawg has met the 404 many times and even appeared on an episode. Many of his 404 sticker pics have appeared on the blog.
  • jetpacks: winner of the logo design contest; helped design the 404 logo as well as other 404-related art.(yeppers I win awww snap)
  • spaghetti2k
  • apeaim
  • greyweed (420)
  • seiichi01
  • Gus, The IT Auditor from Brazil (Secretly a runway modelo)
  • Antiedman (That one person that actually made gknee very angry once)

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